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Board Members:

President: Bill Medlow
Vice President & User Group Ambassador: George Canellis
Secretary: Bernie Flicker
Technical Advisor: Bradley Dichter
MacBasics SIG Chairman: Geoff Broadhust
Newsletter Editor & Multimedia SIG Chairman: Albert Zygier
Program Coordinator: Rick Matteson
Membership & Treasurer: Don Hennessy
Director at large: Al Choy
Director at large: Scott Randell
Director at large: Richard Hickerson
Photoshop SIG Leader: Brian Revere

If you would like to be added to this list, or you've changed your e-mail address, send mail to Bradley Dichter
The e-mail links have your address obfuscated so your address won't be harvested and you'd not get more spam e-mail.

Regular Members:

Martin Ben-Ari
Rich Benay
Wes & Matt Bennett
Gary Book
Sy Bram or Sy Bram on AOL
Tom Camilleri
George W. Canellis
Jerry Cohen
Kirk Cronk
Dan and Rhoda Danglo
Laura D. Davis
Frank Feldmann
Fred R. Fertik
Bob Figueroa
Bernie Flicker
Herb Friedman
Penny Friedman
George Gaeta
Jacques Germans

Alan Gordon
Edward Gottesman
Steven Greenberg
Helen & Sheldon Gross
Michael Hayes
Joe Hendrie
Barbara Katz (aka Bobo the Clownette)
Sheila Korte
Rich Levy
Dorothea Lunarwomon
Marty Macaluso
Yvette & Merven Mandel
Harold & Ronnie Marciari
Bob McAteer
Jack McKie
Bob McMahon
Dr. David Meckes
Edwin Meers
Barbara Mehlman
Stephen E. Moresh
Balan Nagraj
Ray Nieves
Gordon Noble
David Pessin
Brian Revere
George Romaka
Sheree Brown-Rosner
William K. Scurry Jr.
Gerald L. Shak
William Scott
Harold Silvers
Gary & Susan Schechter
Leo A. Secunda
Miles Sibell
Frank Silverman
Ken Spencer
Ron & Julie Tedeschi
Jim Tornatore
Linda Unger
Donald VanHolt
Martin Vogel
Emily and Ira Waxberg
Shirley and Joe Wershba
Jack Williams
Bill Youngfert

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