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For AOL users who want to get connected to the REAL Internet with a Internet Service Provider of their choice. System 7.1 users used to need to buy MacTCP, but it is no longer commercially available. System 7.5 came with it.

Download Detailed Instructions Adobe Acrobat format
FreePPP v1.0.5 - Recommended version for non Power Macs
FreePPP v2.5v3 - newer version with fixes for Global Village modems but older operating systems
FreePPP version 2.6.2 - last version, works with Mac OS 9 (from Rockstar Studios)
Open Transport PPP 1.0 Net Install 2055KB - PPC native. Requires OT 1.1.1 or newer
Open Transport 1.1.2 disk 1, disk 2, disk 3, disk 4
Netscape 2.0.2 WWW, News, E-mail client - version 2.0.2
Netscape 3.0 version 3.0.4 - Select 68K or PPC version. Bigger and more RAM required, but a little flakey
4.0 Netscape Communicator 4.0.8 Complete Install 40-bit encryption PPC Almost 10MB download! or 68K 6.5MB Download! Requires 68030, 12MB RAM, and System 7.5 or betterupdated
Netscape Communicator 4.7.7 Complete Latest For Power Macs. It's stable! It's 14.7MB! updated
Fetch 3.0.3 Installer or better yet Fetch 4.0 installer FTP Client new
Foolproof File Enclosures Article from February 1997 MacUser

Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0.2 For Forum (and instructions) reading. Application and Netscape plug-in. Includes ATM 4.0.2 and new search function.
Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0.5 Prefered for Forum reading.
Adobe Acrobat 5 Installer (stub) Latest for Mac OS 8.6 or newer. acro new
Stuffit Expander 6.0.1 updated or Stuffit Expander 4.5 for decoding BinHex and unstuffing archives
Configuration Changer Control Strip Modules for TCP/IP, PPP and Modem control panels
RealAudio Player 3.0 for 68040 with FPU 40MHz recommended for 28.8K stream
RealPlayer Basic 8.0 for 200MHz PPC and Mac OS 8.1 or better or try older RealPlayer updated
Latest Shockwave (8.5) and Flash (5r41) Installer for PPC only updated
SurfWatch 3.0.6 15 day trial version Not for Mac OS 9 updated
GearBox 1.0 Demo Switch settings amongst many accounts
PPPop2 2.0.4 or PPPop 1.6.1 for 68K users Handy dialer updated

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